Simple, light mystery to figure out some names and what happened to the missing sock by snooping around and talking to other animals.

This is a submission to The Case of the Thinky Game Jam 2023. I started off late and had to rush, so right now there is only one correct answer and they are not randomized at this point in time.


  • If the camera is rotating by itself on the web version (Firefox), press Q to open the menu and play on fullscreen.
  • You can't feed any other animal except the bird. It was planned as an in-game hints mechanic but I didn't have enough time.
  • The mirror isn't inverted, my bad.

Objective of the Game

You need to figure out the names of all suspects in the missing sock case, and infer on where the sock was last taken. As you talk to others and snoop around, you should get an idea of who's who. Press Q on the web (you can use Escape if running on PC) to open and close your case file, and type in your answers as you go. Once you're ready, hit "The End!" in your case file. If you got it right, the game will end. Otherwise, you'll have to re-examine and continue exploring.


If you are stumped, here are some hints. They may contain partial solutions, so be wary.

Spoiler Warning!
  • The fish doesn't pronounce names properly, for example it says "Psymon" instead of "Simon". It does the same for other names too. With a letter in the living room, infer the name of the mother.
  • Pay attention to what the characters' say to discern their attitudes and motives. Which character implies that they have a need for the sock?
  • For your own name, pay attention to what the bird says. Alternatively, you can try playing fetch?
  • The washing machine has a nice smell, and the sock was supposed to be done from the laundry. Can you find another thing that has a nice smell, and what it may imply?


All assets used are CC0 and obtained from

3D Models

2D Textures and Sprites

Sounds and Music

Coding and Shaders



Download 34 MB
Download 34 MB


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Super intrigued by this, but the web version on Itch currently shows an error when I try to run it D:

"The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)"

Update: just tried he Windows build and currently nothing happens when I try to run the exe :(

same here! it's been "loading" for ages with no luck actually getting it to run, unfortunately.

Really fun and well-humored game, loved the "bad boys area". It was kinda difficult for me to realize the names the fish was saying incorrectly not being an English native speaker, so the hints were really helpful.