You're in a rush. Thank goodness you were born with a fat hand! Delicate or reckless, solve puzzles one cute little punch at a time.


WASD or Left Stick - Run
Mouse or Right Stick - Punch
~ or Start - Suicide
F12 or Select - Toggle Fullscreen

It is recommended that you download the desktop version instead of playing the embedded version on the web which may lag a little. Fullscreen is recommended.

This is a cute physics-based time-trial puzzle game made for Mini Jam 88, themed Rush. The game jam has a limitation where no text is allowed to be displayed in the game. Only 2 levels were implemented because I didn't have enough time. The source code for this game project is released under the GPLv3 license, and can be found in the GitHub repository link below.

Time Spent: < 72 hours


Download 25 MB

Development log


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Nice game!!!!!!