A Magical Girl Game Jam 5 submission satisfying the Platformer genre from category A, and the Ren'ai (Visual Novel) genre from category B. In the spirit of the rules of the jam, both genres are very much incorporated together, and what you do during your real-time or stop-time interaction affects your route selection. A lot of features and content was cut to make it for the submission, and the platforming is quite terrible for now. Currently, there are only two girls and only two routes; they are rather short with prompt endings, but this is all I can fit and it should satisfy the genre as there is one romantic option. Enjoy!

This game is keyboard-and-mouse-based. Controller is known to have bugs and may not work. You can try downloading the Windows executable but don't resize the window.

Note: In the current version, it does not cost Temptation to use the Manipulator. There was simply no time to implement it.


WASD - Movement
Shift (Hold) - Run
Space (Hold) - Jump
F - Interact or Next Dialogue
Down/S + F - Drop from Thin Platform
C - Toggle Dialogue Mode
Number Keys - Quick Select Dialogue Choice
Mouse Move + Left Mouse Button - Manipulator (Telekinesis)
Q - Hide Manipulator
~ - Options Menu (For Adjusting Volume)


magical_salescat_v0.1.0_windows.zip 29 MB


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Meow meow ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪) can I ask what font you use? It look cute >3<  the game looks good, Im using phone and left my laptop at home so I cant play huhu but I'll play later

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The two fonts used in this game are:

  • intuitive by Bruno de Souza Leão
  • Nemoy by Bastien Sozoo

For the itch.io page:

  • Patrick Hand by Patrick Wagesreiter

All of which are licensed under the SIL Open Font License; open-source and free to use. Hope you enjoy it 😄